Humorous Mixed Occasion Retail Cards
All cards are 5x7 folded and have inside art that follows up the front design.

Click on images to enlarge and to see inside message and art!
Inside Message:
Bummer...he looks
just like Dad."

Card: Kids See Santa

Inside Message:
"Feliz Navidad!"
(see inside art)

Card: Trump Santa

Inside Message:
Kid says, "Do you have anything left?"

Card: Xmas Wish List


Inside Message:
"Just hoping you'll have
the best Halloween!"

Card: Trick or Treat


Inside Message:
"Merry Christmas

Card: Devil's Hello

Inside Message:
"So...get off the stick
and have some fun!"

Card: Cornfield Scarecrow

Inside Message:
"And have you put under
House A-Rest!"

Card: Mother's Day Jail

Inside Message:
Get out and Celebrate!"

Card: Halloween TV Creature

Inside Message:
"But I never looked at it
from your point of view!
Happy father's Day!"

Card: Genie's Wish

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