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Personalization Plus is for the inside of your cards or backside of postcards.

For example, for item #A (see below) we will print a snowperson to represent each member in the office and their signature.
We also print group photos, a photo of yourself or a photo of your business.
We can print any image and add any message.

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Card Inside #A (Snowpeople)
We can print up to 16 or so snowpeople in
a variation of men and women.

Personalization Plus- Only $29 More
To Order Personalization Plus
Call: 800 582-0450
or email us with questions:

Card Inside #B (Santa and elves)
We print Santa as the lead person and elves
for other office members. We can print any
number of Santas as men or women.

Card Inside #A2 (Family)
This variation of the snowpeople allows
you to include all your family members.
There is an additional $10 fee for this choice.

Card Inside #C (Nutcrackers)
We print male and female nutcrackers

Card Inside #B2 (Mr. & Mrs. Clause)
This variation of the Santa and elves allows for
a female Santa or Mrs. Clause. We also have
variations of the female Santa only.

Card Inside #D (Photo)
We will print your photo and if desired, any
addition image that deals with your profession.
Add any personal message.

Card Inside #M (Misc. figures)
We will print figures for any occasion.
Skeletons, Leprechauns, bunnies, etc.

Card Inside #E (Photo)
We will print your group photo on the
inside of your cards and any additional
information or message.

Please call us to help you with any questions you might have!
800 582-0450


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